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Cardio is Playing the Game to Lose: Don’t be a sucker

When you go to the gym, ask yourself what area of the gym has the people’s bodies that make those lighting bolts shoot to the HEEYY-OO body parts. It’s not the area in the picture above.

Cardio is a let down. You can get skinny. Just not the good version of skinny you may be thinking about.

The only people who should be doing cardio are the significantly over weight (<40% fat). If you’re in the large camp. That sucks, but I have some good news. I’m going to tell you how to get in shape smartly and efficiently. I hate wasting time. The first days the hardest part of the journey … and begin.

If your body fat levels are around 20% or less, lifting and/or bodyweight exercises are your game.

Unless you’re a female and under the age of 25, cardio alone won’t get you an attractive body.

So Why Cardio is for Suckers

What are you improving while jogging for extended periods of time? The resistance (defined as a force that opposes motion) you have to work against is the air in front of you. The force it takes to move your body forward (thanks to momentum it doesn’t take much), and the incline/decline of the ground.

As yourself what muscles are going to be growing and adapting while jogging? The quadriceps will grow initially. They will stop after your body has adapted to your running routine. The rest of your muscles will stay stagnate or degrade because they are not needed in the world you are presenting to your body.

Cardio is a reference to the heart, and meant to be used when your heart is pumping a lot. Most people fail to realize that your heart pumps a lot more when doing resistance exercises that challenge you.

For the average man, with a body weight of 80kg (176 lbs), 30 minutes of body weight work (push ups, squats, lunges, and pull ups) consumes 576kcal. Way more than 30min of jogging, which should cost ~400kcal.

Those differences are body weight work alone. Think how many calories your body will consume if you add heavy weights to those exercises.

Average Jane and Joe will never realize the benefits of resistance.

tl:dr – Cardio is mentally tough, not physically tough. Up your game from flight to fight. Hit the heavy weights and you can get a body quickly.



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Photo: Treadmill Runner; DeeTaleZ