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5 Common Fitness Questions

Today I’ll cover some common fitness questions most people new to lifting and weight loss have.

1) What do you consider low carb, and when should I eat low carb?

Low carb is below 100 grams / day. The Standard American Diet (SAD) usually consists of at least 300 grams / day.

If you are trying to lose or maintain your weight, low carb is an easier way to do it. Protein and fats leave you feeling fuller than carbs. There is less chance for snacking then.

If you are bulking, or trying to gain muscle, carbs are a fast way to get a lot of calories in. They also help with protein synthesis. Have some carbs in your protein shake, during your workout, and post workout.

Dextrose is great simple carb to add your shake whether your bulking or cutting. Your body will be able to convert all that whey protein easier into muscle building. Without the added carbs, your body will breakdown some of the protein into glucose. This makes the muscle building/repairing process more difficult.

2) What’s the biggest determining factor in weight loss?

Calories In Calories Out (CiCo)

Eat less calories than you burn daily and you will lose weight.

Track your calories on My Fitness Pal.

Your Common Fitness Questions

6 months later: Post Bulk and Cut: 4 lb gain

Common Fitness Questions

Good Body Fat % to Bulk

3) How much muscle will I gain from a bulk cycle?

First off, men will gain more muscle than women.

If you are in the first year or two of training, you will gain about 50% muscle.That number sounds low, but it is still SO WORTH IT! After that, muscle gains will decrease.

4) How long will it take to cut the fat after I bulk?

A cut will generally take the same amount of time you spent bulking. So if you want to be ready for summer, start cutting around April 1st.

5) The last of the common fitness questions. I’m poor and have no money for a gym, equipment, or supplements. What do I do?

You’re going to train on bodyweight exercises. Get a door hang pull up bar and buy food in bulk from BJs, Costo, or some other wholesale store.

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