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How Much Does it Matter What You Eat? Quick Answer – A LOT

What you eat today becomes a part of your biology tomorrow.

People who eat real, organic foods get many more health benefits than those who are on the SAD (Standard American Diet).  You know what else may come from the SAD… M.S., migraines, arthritis, Chrones Disease, diabetes, increased aging, and a whole lot of other ailments.

It’s even in the realm that some SPINAL CORD INJURIES can be improved from eating real food. No fucking joke.

Ketogenic Diet Improves Forelimb Motor Function after Spinal Cord Injury in Rodents

I was as amazed as you are.

Here’s what your Food Pyramid should look like (the fruits/fats/nuts seeds should be on the same level though):

Eat Real food. It’s a GAME CHANGER.

Not everything you eat has to be Paleo. I love me some peanut and almond butter with Gala or Fuji apples.  PB is not considered Paleo. I go by the 90-10 ratio for Paleo style , and it has served me well.

This is me:


All natural. 1 year and 1 month into training. 32 years old. 176 lbs. 6’3″.


Build some.


Photos: Paleo Dieta; Paleomood Board;