The 4 Most Important Factors for Changing Your Body

Follow the factors below to get that lean, sexy, ripped physique you’ve always imagined yourself having.

Don’t make excuses.

Make changes and develop better habits.


1) Eat Clean

All over the internet, fitness fanatics like myself, say that 80% of your physique comes from the food you eat.

Lets break down why this is true with math.

Each decision on what you eat for a meal can be filed under a good decision or a bad decision. The same could be said on whether you choose to workout or not workout.

Lets say you eat 3 times a day, 7 days a week. That is a possible 21 good or bad decisions / week. (That is not even counting snacks)

If your plan is to workout 3 times a week, that is 3 good or bad decisions.

Diet: 21/24 choices / week = 87.5%

Workouts: 3/24 choices / week = 12.5%

Get your diet straight by making small changes.

Ex. Stop buying soda when you go to the grocery store. Finish up what you have got. Just don’t buy anymore. I find this is always a good way to ween myself off bad habits because I’ll ration what I have left. Then I’ll be done with the bad decision in a few weeks.


2) Resistance Train

Your body is in a constant state of adaptation. Every choice you make of every day has an impact. Whether you choose to sit, stand, run, lift, whatever, your body is adjusting to survive more optimally in the world you present it.


Resistance training can be done with weights or any type of opposing force.

Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Calisthenics (bodyweight or no equipment exercises) are all great choices for training.

The infamous Dealift:

This or squatting heavy will give you your most bang for buck. Squat or deadlift every workout if you have access to the equipment.


Resistance training = calorie burn / heart pump / overall muscle gain / fat loss = great return on time invested

Cardio = heart pump / calorie burn / small area of muscle gain / minimal fat loss = low return on time invested

Resistance > Cardio    –  It’s not even close.

Further reading on why Cardio is inefficient.



3) Progressive Overloading – Increase your workload gradually over time.

Increases force your body to adapt by creating muscle, gaining strength, and losing unnecessary fat. An example of progressive overload is trying to add 5lbs to the barbell when you squat. Of course you’re going to hit plateaus and won’t be able to add weight every work out. You’re still trying to either add weight, get another rep in, or do your set in a shorter amount of time.



4) Consistency

Creating healthy habits, not quick fixes, will force your body to become what you envision. Anything less than consistency and your fitness goals will never be reached or obtained over the long run.

Try to make one change at time because willpower is finite. That’s a topic for another day, though.

I’ll leave you with this:

Fun fact: 1 lb of muscle at rest burns 7 times more calories than 1 lb of fat at rest.

Muscle is life’s cheat code for staying lean.

Build some.


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