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Gamechanger: Upper Chest

For 11 months I could not figure out why my pecs just did not look right.

I was doing a program that involved flat bench, but zero incline bench. Whoops.

The results were muscular man boobs (this is not me).

You won’t be giving girls the tingles with a body like this.

What a pec should look like with about the same amount of overall muscle (again not me):


Which body is going to look better in any shirt that shows the upper chest …


A defined upper chest may be the most important muscle for a man showing off his body. You could be clothed head to toe, but your upper chest is peaking through the v-neck you’re wearing.

You think all those cardio bunnies don’t notice…


How to correct the chest imbalance:

The main lift is a heavy 15 to 30 degree incline bench:

and the assistance workouts:

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press, Neutral Grip

Dumbbell Squeeze Press


Build some.



Photo sources: Anatomy Study Colorized Texturized; Upper Body; Upper Body Pose; Joey Lawrence; Kerry Photoshoot 1